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Post-election Legal Advice – Consejos legales para inmigrantes

Posted on Nov 14 2016


Please watch this video for post-election immigration legal advice. Special thanks to De León & Nestor, LLC and New Publica Media for collaborating to create this video.

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ILCM also has the following print resources for individuals who are seeking information on their rights and how to stay safe:

Gives a general overview of what you can do now to prepare for Trump’s presidency. Briefly mentions DACA and “Know Your Rights” which is addressed below.

Outlines common questions about what is known at this point about what a Trump presidency might mean for immigrants. Addresses DACA concerns as well as other immigration relief concerns.

Outlines common questions from those with DACA concerns and how to best address them.

Outlines current forms of immigration relief that you can turn to.

Gives advice on how to navigate interactions with ICE.