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Educational Presentations

ILCM is one of the Minnesota’s most trusted providers of immigration law-related education.

ILCM’s staff conducts low-cost educational and training sessions, including Continuing Legal Education (CLE) sessions, on a variety of immigration-related subjects. Presentations are tailored to meet the needs of each individual group and provide accurate and up-to-date written materials where appropriate. Registered users can view curriculum resources here.

Interested in hosting an immigration-related education session? Email oficinalegal@ilcm.org.

Immigration 101

An education curriculum for students, educators, and professionals

  • Immigration 101 provides education and information on immigration law, policy, and process to immigrant and non-immigrant students, as well as professional and advocacy groups.
  • Immigration 101 covers not only the basics of immigration status and how to gain citizenship, but also the statistics, myths, and facts of immigration in Minnesota and the United States.
  • Immigration 101 is appropriate for middle and high school-aged students. It is also valuable for educators, administrators, professionals, and others that work with or have an interest in understanding immigration or the immigrant communities of Minnesota.

No Second Chance

A crime prevention curriculum for immigrant youth, parents, and teachers.

  • No Second Chance was created specifically for non-citizen immigrant youth and the people that work with them to offer an understanding of current immigration policies and practices, and to prevent deportation.
  • Additionally, No Second Chance confronts myths and misconceptions surrounding deportation laws in the immigrant community. By teaching the laws of this country and the consequences of breaking them, we help deter youth from criminal activities and eliminate avoidable deportations in immigrant communities.
  • No Second Chance offers valuable information for students, teachers, parents, and anyone that directly works with the non-citizen immigrant community.