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Legal Projects

Refugee Services Project

The Refugee Services Project partners with community organizations in providing immigration legal services and advice to Minnesota’s newest refugees.

Minnesota is a leading refugee resettlement state, and is home to some of the largest refugee populations in the nation. Because of this, Minnesota’s immigrant communities are more diverse than in most states: Minnesota holds the largest Somali population, the largest group of Karen refugees, and the second-largest Hmong population in the United States (after California).

ILCM supports refugees and asylees from all over the world in applying for lawful permanent resident status. ILCM’s staff member housed at Neighborhood House, located on Saint Paul’s East Side, is a native Karen- and Burmese-speaker and works primarily with refugees. Additionally, ILCM staff are able to assist refugees and asylum-seekers in Spanish and Somali. Our newest employee in Austin is also a native Karen-speaker, and is able to assist the growing Karen population in Southwest Minnesota. Additionally, ILCM has added a native Somali-speaker and community member. Both legal staff are able to provide culturally and linguistically competent legal services to the Karen and East African refugee communities in Minnesota.

After refugees have been admitted and lived here as legal permanent residents, we also assist them in naturalization, the process of becoming citizens.