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Our Work

Legal Projects

ILCM continues to remain nimble and responsive to the legal needs of Minnesota’s immigrant and refugee communities. In 2015, ILCM staff provided services to 4,615 clients across programs. The outcome of each case affects an average of 2.5 family members, bringing the estimated total number of people assisted by ILCM to 11,907 individuals.

All clients earned less than 187.5 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, and came from 104 different countries: 57 percent of clients were from Latin America and the Caribbean, 18 percent from Africa, 22 percent from Asia, and 3 percent from various other countries. Seventeen percent of clients during this time received U-Visa or VAWA authorization as victims of violence, 20 percent of clients naturalized as full citizens, 11 percent reunited with their families, and 19 percent were young people receiving DACA, who were brought into the United States as children.

Center for New Americans Collaboration

The Center for New Americans Collaboration is a partnership with the University of Minnesota which supports impact litigation advancing protections on civil rights for immigrants. Our first successful case decided at the U.S. Supreme Court occurred in 2015 and improves protections for long term permanent residents across the country.

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Detainee Assistance Project

The Detainee Assistance Project provides advice and brief service to detainees in custody, provides full representation for detained clients who qualify for asylum or other relief, and presents appeals at the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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DREAMers Immigration Project

The DREAMers Immigration Project provides legal representation and outreach for youth who were brought to the U.S. as children, and who are now eligible for legal status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

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Minnesota Family Naturalization Project

The Minnesota Family Naturalization Project focuses on increasing the number of permanent residents in Minnesota who naturalize as U.S. citizens while also collaborating across sectors to promote the importance of citizenship.

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New Beginnings Project

The New Beginnings Project assists battered immigrants and their children to obtain legal status through cooperation with law enforcement and gaining self-sufficiency needed to escape a cycle of violence.

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Pro Bono Project

The Pro Bono Project trains and coordinates volunteer legal professionals to represent clients in high-demand areas of immigration law, including applications for citizenship, U-Visas for victims of violence, and the DACA program. In 2015, the project expanded to include several new case types.

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Public Defender Project

The Public Defender Project provides technical assistance, training, and education to Minnesota’s public defenders on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

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Refugee Services Project

The Refugee Services Project partners with community organizations in providing immigration legal services and advice to Minnesota’s newest refugees.

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Rural Immigration Project

The Rural Immigration Project provides legal representation and education to immigrant individuals and families living in rural Minnesota, primarily in the southwestern area.

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Temporary Protected Status Project

The Temporary Protected Status Project provides (TPS) representation for individuals from countries suffering environmental disasters or severe violence such that the U.S. grants temporary legal protection to undocumented or out of status nationals in the U.S.

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