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Our Work


As an organization deeply connected on many levels to the issues and individuals it serves, ILCM is necessarily engaged in community, state, and federal policy surrounding immigrants. ILCM’s advocacy activities, overseen by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, include work directly with government officials, communities, coalitions, labor unions, religious organizations, professional groups, grassroots and immigrant and refugee organizations.

Reform Principles

The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota supports comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes the needs of our economy, protects security, and respects the fundamental human rights of immigrants and refugees.

In coalition with other businesses and nonprofit organizations, our Immigration Joint Policy is as follows (more information on the issue and the coalition partners can be found here).

Successful immigration reform will modify immigration policies without creating more obstacles for workers to connect with employers and vice versa. Thus, the following must occur simultaneously:

  • Reform should include a timely and affordable way for current immigrants and their families, regardless of status, to become documented legal participants in our society. Successful businesses require stable families and communities. We support a path to permanent residency for all immigrants residing in the United States who are not otherwise excludable for reasons such as criminal convictions. We also support a timely reduction of backlogs where families and professional workers have been waiting to immigrate for many years.
  • Reform should include a simple and accurate status verification that is affordable and accessible, especially for small businesses. Reforms should protect workers and employers who act in good faith regarding the law.
  • Reform should include a simple and timely approach to the future flow of immigrants, including permanent and temporary status. New rules should allow sufficient immigration to meet the needs of all industries (including agriculture) as well as large and small businesses alike and afford workers all protections under current laws.


Links to other immigration reform principles: