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ILCM Director John Keller on Overturning Travel Ban

Posted on Mar 16 2017

ILCM Director John Keller was quoted in the Star Tribune on the court decision overturning the Trump travel ban:

Immigration law attorney John Keller, of the Immigration Law Center of Minnesota, said Wednesday night that he’s “once again extremely pleased that the independent judiciary can see these orders for what they are.”

“Things are moving so fast, with everything that’s happened in terms of immigration and executive orders since the inauguration,” Keller said.

“What we are seeing again is that the track record of hostility against Muslims during the presidential campaign continues to be the chief thing the courts weigh these orders against. Eighteen months of direct promises to discriminate against people because of their religion – the courts can’t ignore that, even with a dressed-up executive order. … As long as these orders continue, there will be litigation. “It’s important for all Americans, especially those from countries that don’t have independent courts, to see that even presidents are being held to account when they do something that’s not constitutional.”

Read the whole article here.